Brexit Good Or Bad?

I'll throw this out to those Brexiteers opposed to a referendum on a deal/no deal/status quo. If it's such a good idea to still leave, surely you have faith in those who voted before to turn out again and stick with their decision?

Or, are you afraid that as the truth has emerged:- no Irish border solution, no £350 million a week for the NHS, no free trade without free movement, a hit to the economy, and the man on the street's pocket that many may be swayed and therefore may overturn the decision made two years ago? That would be democracy in action not "overturning a democratic decision".

Democracy is fluid, it allows for circumstances changing, people changing their minds and arguments being won or lost.

If the Remain vote had won in 2016 the critics of the EU (Farage, JRM and co) wouldn't have said "okay, that's it settled" they'd have gone on campaigning for another vote or renegotiation of the UK within the EU. That would have been healthy because there is no doubt reform was requuired, but a toys oot the pram, "it's my baw and am goin' hame" approach was never the answer to EU membership.

Can you tell me exactly what the outcome will be? I cant and no one else can either. Because we are the first to do it. And rightly so. The EU is an Aristocratic monolith we should want no part of being a democratic country.

When did we vote Junker into power? Or his officials? We didnt. The EU is so undemocratic it cannot even pass its own entrance criteria so... theres that. As for deportations there wont be any unless they are illegals.

Will the pound drop? Yes. It will rise again. We have the USA to trade with and with EU restrictions renoved we can trade effectively with a bigger nation then the EU, namely the the British Commonwealth. Australia and New Zealand are both looking forward to reductions in tarriffs to the UK. The Commonwealth spans the globe as is far bigger then the EU could ever hope to be. And thats just for starters.

We are European and we are British, we will do as we have always done and bounce back. We will find the path we need to take.

History is history, the union actually came about under a set of circumstances that influenced people's choices, but I am sure you know that.

I suppose, the question of change raises all the same issues, but its true to say whilst we can vote we should.

The voting for the EU referendum was based on individual votes, not countries or even regions, this was because the UK is in the EU.

The EU have already said they would not consider Scotland. By the way you make a valid point, Scotland already has the mandate for a second referendum, because of its sovereignty. One of the main issues with the EU is they want to remove that sovereignty from the UK ergo Scotland. You are voting for what you are voting against.

My concern was with your original comment in respect of your generalisation and derogatory tone. You can get your point across so much better without this approach.

Let's all hope that the politician's egos can be forgotten and that common sense prevails.

Scotland has just over 8% of the UK population so will find it difficult to influence any vote. My friend Helmar pointed something similar out on another thread about the EU, and Germany having the largest population. I am not sure how best to deal with this.

But in your independence referendum in 2014 you democratically voted to stay. I understand the situation has changed and understand your views.

Your reference to scraps from the table also rings true with the relationship with the EU, so again I completely understand.

As I have said Scotland would not be accepted into the EU, I suppose then this is were a united front would benefit the whole of the UK.

The arguments between ourselves is only benefiting the EU, they are using the old approach of divide and conquer.

What is evident to me is that no one in the UK voted to join the EU. But we are members because a Prime Minister in 1972 signed us up, not to the EU but to the EEC (Common Market) a trading bloc not a political union.

I suppose it was a bit like the union in 1707, were a reduced number of representatives agreed the fate of the many, initiated by the collapse of the Panama arrangement.

I suppose EUtopia would be if the EU was as it was originally, a trading bloc, with frictionless free trade borders.

In respect of your original comment, I believe I found it derogatory because the clip is a satirical take on what is a serious situation. Your statement about people taking it literally to me seemed derogatory, but hey that's my opinion.


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